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 Project Management

Project Management...The Iridium Experience

Iridium is a global personal telecommunication project initiated by Motorola, the American Telecom and Electronics giant, on an global basis alongwith local partners in 12 different countries. The earth station is called the Gateway. Construction of the Gateway is therefore amongst the most critical critical activities of the entire project. The Gateway in India would be the vital link in the entire region between the Gulf and the Philippines. the date for commissioning the project on a global basis was fixed well in advance, before even commencing work at the ground level in Dighi, Pune.

A consortium lead by Motorola and a team of Indian Companies / Investors such as VSNL, IDBI etc. were to implement the Iridium Gateway Project in India in Dighi, near Pune.

Sharad Constructions was selected as the Civil Contractor and the Construction Manager.

This placed the responsibility of..

Co-ordinating the schedules of Civil, Electrical, Fire Fighting Systems, A.C and Building Automation Systems, Access Control System Contractors to provide continuity of work.

Adjusting the civil schedule to allow for the working requirements of other contractors.

Provide support to other contractors required form Civil Execution Point of view.

Provide uninterrupted water and power supply at site to whoever requires it.

Detailed co-ordination at the final stage to plan, follow through and implement schedules on a Room-to-Room and a Wall-to-Wall basis.

Project was to be executed on a very tight schedule an involved finishes of a very high standard. We ourselves placed orders on 23 separate agencies and suppliers. Project monitoring was carried out with on Site Computer Using Computerised Project Management Software (MS Project). Separate engineers were allocated for co-ordinating and progress monitoring. The project was closely monitored by Motorola's Project Management Team as well. Despite having to co-ordinate the work of 5 contractors and 5 consultants, the job was completed well within the scheduled time. All intermediate milestone were met and successfully cleared. Sharad's role was specially appreciated by the Client (Iridium), Motorola and the Project Consultants as well.

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