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 Quality Policy

Sharad Constructions is committed to delivering a high quality product to the client so that it gives years of trouble free service for the duration of its design life, giving the performance it is designed for .

Quality is ensured at three stages

• Quality materials :

On - site Lab checks the quality of the materials used in the construction and ensures that it meets the specifications laid down . Proper Documentation ensures track is kept of the quality procedures followed . Manufacturers are required to give a Material Test Certificate ( MTC ) as part of self certification procedure before material can be used at site.

• Quality Procedures :

Using proper procedures and quality and experienced skilled workmen ensures that the constructed structures meet the design requirements & the requirements of the end user.

• Quality Assurance :

By carrying our post construction tests ( especially for water tightness ) , it can be ensured that proper procedures have been followed . A Quality Manual is available at site, listing the standard checks to be applied Before, After and During construction activities.

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